Ash Pan

Following,  are photos of the ash pan and grate.
This is the grate. It is a standard material item from Blackgates. I had to trim it to size and to shape it.      
For dumping the ashes without removing the entire pan, I made a removable cover on the bottom.
I first modeled the pan in card board to make sure it would be able to fit into place.
I put a clip through the other end of the pin to make sure it did not fall out while operating!
The pin goes through the frames and through the tube attached to the ash pan.
The pin is removed and the cover slips out side ways. The upper block has an oblong hole to allow for movement of the boiler when hot.
This is the ash pan. It is all stainless steel.  I added the holes around the edge to help air flow. All of the pieces were silver soldered together.
Here's the grate in position on top of the ash pan. It is supported by the two bars across the ash pan.
This is the knob connected to the pin that allows the ash pan to be removed.
The pan/grate fit into place very well. It is made pretty much to the drawing.
The cover became a bit awkward to use, so this is my second version. It slips out to the side.
Here is the new cover removed. The pin is so the cover does not accidentally fall off onto the track. Having a removable cover on the pan allows most of the ash to be removed without having to drop the entire fire. This is new for this season (2018). Hopefully, I will not have to go back to the steaming bays and dump the entire fire just to dump ashes.