Axle Pump

Following,  are a few photos of the axle pump. I only have construction photos of the eccentric and the strap. The pump itself, is made much like the hand pump. If you are interested in photos of the pump, refer to the photos of the emergency hand pump under the "Pictorial Build - 3".
 The eccentric starts out as a cast iron lump with a bulge on the side for the set screw. The eccentric is turned off center in the 4 jaw chuck.
 This is the eccentric strap being squared up. It's made from a bronze casting.
 Eccentric with strap mounted temporarily to check for fit.
 The eccentric was made early in the build, as it must go onto the axle before the wheels are mounted.
 Here's the eccentric strap being slotted for the connecting rod.
 Here's the strap being bored and faced to width in a small 4 jaw chuck.