Injector & Piping

Following,  is the installation and piping of the feed water injector. The entire water system and piping was actually done twice. First, as a temporary system before the final water tanks were built. Then, as a final system for connection to the finished water tanks, axle pump, injector, and emergency hand pump.
The "bent" handle in the center of the photo is the water supply for the injector.                                            
The injector is positioned below the left hand running board. It is very light weight and needs no extra bracketing.
Here are a few close up views of the injector. 
This is a close up view of a typical cone/compression fitting. I made all of my own fittings and they are silver soldered to the pipes.
The handle of the injector water supply is set up so it points toward the delivery. Here it is in the "off" position.
This is the delivery pipe coming from the injector. This pipe goes to the top feed connector on the boiler through a check valve.
I made a threaded adapter to increase the size of the water supply pipe. This gave better performance of the injector.