Wheels & Crank Pins

Following,  are the wheel construction along with the crank pin holes.
The wheel castings were first held in the three jaw chuck with the back towards the tail stock. The back was finished and the axle hole drilled and reamed.
The counter weight is thinner than the center hub and had to be machined in a second operation.
The hub was also machined to thickness on the shaper.
Bushings of different sizes, fit into the jig to bring the hole to the correct size. 
Finished wheel profile.
Backside view of the wheel.
Then, the wheels were put on a mandrel, secured with a nut, and the front and the flange profile were finished.                                                                                    
The counter weight was machined to thickness on the shaper.
A jig was used to drill and ream for the crank pins.    
The jig uses the axle hole for reference and is clamped to the edge of the wheel.                      
Another view of the wheel profile.
Wheel temporarily in place.