Odds & Ends

Following,  are a few of the things that don't fall into one of the larger catagories, but, are necessary for miniature locomotive operation.
This is the coal shovel. It's made from a brass tube that just fits into the fire box. The part that the handle threads into is silver soldered to the tube.  The handle is made so the shovel can be turned inside the fire box to dump the coal. 
This is the brush for cleaning the flues. It is too long to fit into my tool box, so I cut it in two and made a threaded connector.
Another view of the "slide hammer".
This is the connector for the flue brush. It is siler soldered onto the twisted handle wire. 
This is a "slide hammer". I made this up to remove the front door ring. Although there are only five screws holding it to the smoke box, it is really difficult to remove after a season of operation. The piece on the end is aluminum and is hooked on the inside of the door ring. The door ring is easily removed with no damage.