Super Heater & Smoke Box Piping

Following,  are photos of construction of the super heater. The super heater has three elements.
The super heater elements are stainless steel. They were professionally TIG welded.
This is the header end of the super heater elements.
This is the jig to hold things together for silver soldering.
Both the wet and dry headers are connected to the super heater elements.
A quick test fit of the super heater into the tubes.      
The completed super heater goes into the tubes.
Here, the super heater is installed and also the pipe that feeds the blower ring.
The snifter valve and it's piping has been added.
Here is the smoke box will all the piping, door ring, cross bar and door installed.
This is looking up into the fire box to see about how far in the elements will be positioned.
The part with the four screw holes will fasten onto the smoke box tube sheet.
The wet header has been silver soldered to the upper pipes of the super heater elements.
The silver solder has flowed well around the super heater pipes inside the headers.
The steam pipe has been attached and the headers closed up.
The hole for the snifter valve is being added to the smoke box.
The snifter valve is piped into the wet header.
I added a radiused collar around the steam supply pipe to close up the largehole in the smoke box.